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MIDDLETOWN-Connecticut Blood Center (CTBC) announcing another blood emergency today, their second in 75 days and 5th in 2022. It comes as the region’s blood supply is once again at a 1-3 day supply. We typically like to see the supply stand at a 5-7 day level, but we have not seen that level in over 30 months!
This is not just a local problem. For over 2.5 years, blood centers across the nation have been struggling. The small group of loyal donors can no longer sustain the supply and demand as life returns to normal following the pandemic. We need youth, first time and lapsed blood donors to come through the doors to build up the supply. It only takes an hour of someone’s time to donate a single pint of whole blood, which can then be used to save up to three lives.

“Currently, the majority of blood centers across the country only have one to two days of blood available for patients in need. A blood transfusion occurs every two seconds in America, and it is critical that individuals give generously at this time to help save lives” said Kate Fry of America’s Blood Centers. Youth and first-time donors are critically needed to help build up our local and national blood supply.

According to America’s Blood Centers, from 2017-2019 there was a 10% decrease in donations from those 16-18 years old. That percentage jumps to 15 percent for those between 19-24 years old. These alarming statistics showcase the importance of building the lifesaving habit of blood donation at a young age. School blood drives are an important part of recruiting young donors, however many schools have not hosted these life-saving events since the start of the pandemic.  

“As we continue struggling to meet hospital demands for patients, we urge the community to donate blood” said CTBC Account Manager Jonathan DeCasanova. “Your lifesaving donation can truly make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.”  

Repeated blood emergency messaging is also not helping as our community and media partners become desensitized to the urgent need.  Blood emergencies in the last deSavecade typically happened twice per year around the 4th of July and December holidays.  

Connecticut Blood Center is asking the community, especially youth and first-time or former blood donors who have not given in the last few years to step up and take some of the burden off those that have been giving blood.  Even if you cannot donate, you can help the blood center by spreading the word about the critical national shortage and need for local blood donors.  Tell your friends, post on social or bring a first-time blood donor. 
To make an appointment call 800.283.8385, ctblood.org. 

CONNECTICUT BLOOD CENTER (CTBC) supplies blood and blood products to patients being cared for in over a dozen Connecticut hospitals. CTBC operates a hospital services blood storage depot from our Connecticut center so we can quickly and reliably get urgent or unexpected orders to local hospitals. CTBC is operated by the Rhode Island Blood Center, a part of the New York Blood Center Enterprises family with more than five decades of experience saving lives by ensuring a safe and plentiful blood supply to the patients and hospitals we serve. CTBC is also part of the National Marrow Donor Program, registering individuals throughout New England to become lifesaving stem cell donors for patients who need a transplant to survive. 

About New York Blood Center Enterprises
Founded in 1964, New York Blood Center Enterprises (NYBCe) is one of the largest nonprofit, independent, community blood centers in the world. Along with partner organizations Blood Bank of Delmarva (BBD), Community Blood Center of Kansas City (CBC), Connecticut Blood Center (CTBC), Memorial Blood Centers (MBC), Nebraska Community Blood Bank (NCBB), and Rhode Island Blood Center (RIBC), we collect approximately 4,000 units of blood products each day and serve communities approaching 50 million people in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT), mid-Atlantic area (PA, DE, MD), Kansas City metropolitan area, Minnesota, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Southern New England. NYBCe delivers lifesaving blood products and services as
well as clinical, medical, pharmaceutical, testing, and consultative services to over 600 hospitals and dozens of research organizations, academic institutions, and biomedical companies. Among other milestones, our Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute pioneered the Hepatitis B vaccine and patented a solvent detergent plasma process, innovating blood-purification technology worldwide.