CTBC and RIBC will begin utilizing a service that shares appreciation messages sent by recipients to donors

Middletown – Connecticut Blood Center (CTBC) and Rhode Island Blood Center (RIBC) announced a new feature called Thank the Donor, which launched yesterday. This patented, simple service allows patients to send an anonymous message to the person who donated the blood being transfused. CTBC and RIBC are divisions of New York Blood Center Enterprises, and this technology is also being implemented across its network of blood centers.

“We are always looking for opportunities to enhance the donor experience and emphasize the importance of their gift of life,” said Nicole Pineault, Director of Donor Resources for Connecticut and Rhode Island Blood Centers. “Thank the Donor is a unique way to illustrate the donor’s real world impact and put a story or face behind each pint of blood they give.”

CTBC/RIBC initially piloted this service in partnership with Hartford Hospital and has now been fully launched and available to patients in all 60+ hospitals for which they provide blood and blood products. To participate, patients scan a QR code on a green, heart shaped tag that is placed on each unit of blood. The QR code then directs them to a website where they’re able to craft a message of appreciation, with the option to include a photo or video as well.

Appreciation messages are reviewed by a blood center curator to ensure it doesn’t include any sensitive or inappropriate information prior to being shared with the donor via email. Donors will need to have an active email on file with CTBC/RIBC in order to take advantage of the Thank the Donor feature. No contact information or identifying patient information will be shared between the blood recipient and/or sender of the message and the blood donor.

There is still an ongoing blood emergency in the region, leaving the blood supply at a dangerously low level, especially with regard to platelets and types O, A-, and B- blood. Roughly one in three people will need a blood transfusion in their lifetime, whether it’s for trauma response, cancer treatment, blood disorders, surgery, transplant, or many more other reasons. It’s always better to be on the giving side.

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